Animal, Bird, Insect Paintings

These paintings began when I moved from St Just in Penwith to Boskenna, a remote hamlet close to Lands End. Walking my dog in the woods, fields and coves around the wild and beautiful south coast I became far more aware of nature and of the changing seasons. Cattle graze in the fields around us and there are birds and insects and woodland animals in abundance. One night a deer leapt across my husband’s path as he walked down to the sea. I didn’t see it but it burns in my imagination and sums up for me the mystery of the far West of Cornwall. With this acute observation comes a growing sense of archetypal connection and responsibility. I find myself questioning my relationship to the natural world, and wonder about the accepted notions of the hierarchies of that relationship.

Maggie O’Brien



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Beauty and the Beasts – Summer House Gallery, Marazion