100 Days Project

For 100 days in Winter 2007 I cleared the same patch of beach at Priest’s Cove, a tiny fishing cove below Cape Cornwall, near St Just in Penwith. Between January and March I collected hundreds of objects and fragments of plastic. Each day I picked one object to draw over a page from Iris Murdoch’s novel ‘The Sea, The Sea’, a book about a man who retires to end his days at one with nature in quiet and beautiful surroundings by the sea. But, as he discovers, wherever you go you tend to take your demons with you, and nature can be unpredictable. These drawings were installed with other paintings, drawings and an installation of the debris I collected at an exhibition entitled ‘Drift Plastic’ at The Exchange Gallery, Penzance in 2009.

Drift Plastic at the Exchange Gallery

Exchange Gallery

Painting and Drawings

Painting and Constructions

100 days

100 Days


Priest’s Cove

sea chart and tideline drawings

Sea Chart and Tideline Drawings