Two days to go

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Two days to go

Argh! Two days to go and I for one am in complete chaos. Trewidden is a hive of activity with studios being cleared, painted and ultimately filled – I’m no way near the latter but hopefully there will be a miracle by Saturday… Hanging my studio for the annual open studios event is always a bit of a nightmare because I tend to work in completely different projects and series – and hanging them all together rather than showing them separately in exhibitions is  challenging to say the least. I go through distinct phases when it comes to Open Studios…

  1. Denial when I should be getting on it with it weeks before
  2. Panic that I haven’t got enough work
  3. Panic that I’ve got too much work
  4. Panic that I’ll never get it hung
  5. Finally, panic that no one will come and buy any…

Happily, years of experience of this both terrifying and incredibly jolly week has taught me that it does all get done and thanks to loyal clients and lovely new visitors I always do sell things… I’m very lucky to have a studio at the lovely Trewidden , not just because it’s a gorgeous environment but because we really are an art hub at open studios.. The  standard is really high ( in fact my problem is trying to stop myself buying my fellow Trewiddenites work! ) On that front, I’ve got lots of small studies from my March painting trip to Scilly and I’m the very proud ( sad but true) owner of some new  shelves to display the work that is usually balanced precariously on the picture rails or buried in the browser…. Progress! I’ve been meaning to organise that for years! Also got framed still life work including some from the popular horse, dog and flower series, some new big moth and bird paintings and a series of abstract landscapes that are rather lovely if I say it myself – unframed and my plan chest is over flowing with them so I need to shift some!

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